About MRQ

Inspired by a love for music rooted in many aspects of growing up in Charlottesville, Virginia. Groomed by his grandmother Anna Gilmore, his talented drumming Uncle Johnny(DMB,TL3), his multi-versed uncle Curtis, and Pilgrim's church; made the man we now know as MRQ. Music came from both sides of his family too as several of his other uncles played with notables like Parlaiment. If any one shows the musical diversity of the roots in Va then it is,MRQ!!!!!!

Live @ The Martini Bar



"Cold Summer-Hot Winter"

Valentine's Day Album

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Songs from the pits of my soul!!!



  • She Banging3:29
  • Spinage4:42
  • Blahzay4:23
  • Gettin Gone3:26
  • Illest3:25
  • I be high 3:03
  • Rowdy 4:08
  • Self made ft GDW 3:12
  • Shorty Drama1:49
  • We aint fing witcha3:40
  • They Buck3:22
  • Haze and Ice tea3:33
  • Columbine Mind3:41
  • Jump Off3:38
  • Becky4:28
  • Broken N7:18
  • She Naughty1:09
  • Get it4:12
  • Blahzay0:00
  • Club 3:57
  • Bout that cash3:22
  • Luminatti Mind3:32
  • WorkoftheFutureMRQbyLofty1:40
  • Rowdy F#cks3:38
  • Pain3:28
  • Jamacia Kush Funk3:24
  • Real Niccaz2:41
  • Respect3:19
  • Jasmine3:07
  • Dee Dee3:25
  • Brothel3:10
  • Hotel Motel California0:00
  • Euphoric4:21


Photography by

MoRockO Film's


itz PG x Gilly Gill x MRQ

Song made and recorded by Doughman Netwurk

Footage by Doughman and MoRockO Films

Edited by Ellivlli

Currently on mixtapes and radio throughout america and foriegn markets.

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itz PG link------>youtube


Mister F#ck Yo Favorite Rapper You Bandwagon Riding  Bish!!!!!!

And all the b#llsh*t that comes with him

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